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Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog / Τικ και Τέλα: Ο βατραχάκος


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Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog / Τικ και Τέλα: Ο βατραχάκος

Pip and Posy are best friends – they love to play, and make things, and have fun. But just occasionally they get cross or sad, and sometimes things go wrong that are beyond their control. And that’s when kindness and understanding – and a cuddle – make everything better.
In The Bedtime Frog, Posy goes for a sleepover at Pip’s house. The friends have lots of fun together before bedtime. But just as they switch out the light, disaster strikes – Posy realises that she has forgotten her favourite frog toy. Keen to help his distraught friend, Pip offers Posy a range of different toys to substitute for her frog, including his own favourite frog money box. But none of them will do – “That’s the wrong frog!” Posy wails. It is only when Pip gives Posy his own, very favourite, pig toy that Posy is comforted and the friends can get a good night’s sleep, at last.

Σήµερα η Τέλα θα µείνει στο σπίτι του Τικ. Όταν όµως πέφτουν να κοιµηθούν, η Τέλα διαπιστώνει ότι έχει ξεχάσει να πάρει µαζί της τον αγαπηµένο της Βατραχάκο.

Μια αστεία ιστορία στην οποία κάθε παιδί που έχει χάσει ή ξεχάσει το αγαπηµένο του κουκλάκι, θα αναγνωρίσει του εαυτό του.

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Filippos Mandilaras



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Axel Scheffler